Easy Ways to Patch a Small Leak in Copper Pipe.

July 3, 2018 at 4:40 pm by GDB1Ghfh9W | Posted in plumbing

There is multiple options: many need the water shut off and the water drained from the copper pipe.

Repair Snap

A physical patch clamp that is installed over the leaking area. Visit a hardware or plumbing supply. This needs to be regarded as temporary fix.

Epoxy Patch

A variety of materials, many epoxy based, could be put on the leaking area after the water is off and the pipe is drained, and the external pipe surface is cleaned well to removed grime, dust, and corrosion. These are also available in the plumbing section of a hardware store

Link Fix

Patch the pipe with a coupler. If you need to repair a drip fast and appropriately but you don"t have any additional pipe on hand – just a coupler and solder, that will do just fine. Cut the pipe over the pinhole leak so the pipe splits in two. De-burr the edge, and sand the edge. Apply your flux to both ends of the pipe and attach the coupler – then hit it with your torch and apply solder. This repair isn"t actually as good as replacing the pipe – but it"s the next best thing.

Switch out the pipe

With a single pinhole, there are likely others that will be coming, Copper pipe is easy to replace with some simple soldering skills, however call a plumber if in doubt. I would take out the defective area and inspect the inside carefully to determine the level of the corrosion and how much should be replaced.


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